Perth Market Research is a full-service market research business that provides both qualitative and quantitative research across a broad range of methods. Many projects that we have undertaken have involved the use of multiple survey methods to collect the data needed for the project. Care is always taken when using multiple methods to ensure that bias is not introduced and that survey reliability is not compromised.

We provide research services in the following areas:

  • Online surveys – Perth Market Research can design, create and host an online survey for clients. We are able to forward survey links and invitations to participate to your potential respondents or provide the link so that you can invite respondents to the survey. Online research is a highly cost-effective way of reaching large numbers of potential respondents, those for whom you only have an email address or those who are difficult to reach by other means. Incentives can be offered to encourage participation. Results are carefully analysed to ensure that the results obtained are representative of the population surveyed.
  • Telephone surveys – This process should be used where statistical reliability (a set number of survey responses) is necessary across a broader geographic area. Stratified sampling can be undertaken or an analysis of demographic results done to ensure that the resultatnt data is reliable from a statistical perspective. Perth Market Research uses trained interviewers to conduct the telephone interviews.
  • Intercept surveys – This process is traditionally used where it is important to interview people using services in a specific locality, where it is important that they view or interact with physical items or photos or for event evaluation. We are able to provide field teams to undertake this research in the Perth metropolitan area as well as select locations in regional Western Australia.
  • Focus groups – These are a qualitative process designed to explore issues surrounding a product, service or concept. While not statistically reliable , these groups enable further insight to be developed around issues which need to be understood with greater clarity and depth. We are able to recruit attendees as well as host and facilitate groups.
  • Mystery shopping – This process involves our staff posing as shoppers, customers or potential clients to your business, company or organisation. Our staff is able to evaluate the level of service they experienced during their visits and indicate areas in which client service can be achieved. Our view is that mystery shopping should be a positive experience for your staff – that it is used to encourage performance and used to highlight areas in which training can be undertaken to improve service.
  • Client / stakeholder satisfaction surveys – The evaluation of client satisfaction is an important issue for any organisation as it means that you are able to respond to any perceptions of deficits in your service and alleviate any concerns before they become too entrenched. These surveys can also be broadened to identify new service/product opportunities for your business among those who should know what they want – your customers. Such surveys can be achieved by most of the methods mentioned above.
  • Social research – Through our own experience as well as that of our affiliates we are experienced in both qualitative and quantitative surveys in the social arena. Research has been undertaken using the methods metioned above, as well as through other more innovative methods – observations, Photovoice, etc.
  • Community consultation / needs analysis – We undertake community consultation and needs analysis via a variety of methods including community forums and meetings, focus groups, online surveys, telephone surveys, postal surveys, Photovoice and other community based submissions, stakeholder interviews as well as a range of others. The nature of the consultation is very much project driven.
  • Competitor evaluation – An analysis of competitors can be undertaken via a variety of means including secondary data research, mystery shopping and client surveys among others. This is very much industry driven when determining the appropriate methodology.
  • New product / services analysis – We are able to assess the introduction of new products and services for business or companies
  • Tracking studies – Surveys are able to be conducted on an ongoing basis with the results tracked over time (longitudinal study) to provide insight into the trends in performance of a business, company or organisation and provide ongoing recommendations to ensure that it remains competitive and continues to meet the needs of its client base.
  • Secondary data research – The internet and other sources are full of data which is available to add insight to the the issues that you need investigated. Whether it is from previous studies, statistical sources or other literature we are able to gather this data, sort through it and condense this information into an easily digestible format. Our experience in this area means that we know where to look for what you want. Data can also be condensed into industry analyses, data on others in your industry, explorations of social or community issues as well as any number of other areas.
  • Event evaluation – A key element of conducting any event is being able to demonstrate that it has met its objectives. These objectives can span a range of socio-economic areas – social, economic and environmental goals. We have conducted a range of such evaluations in the government and local government sectors.
  • Web and online data analysis – EWith the continued growth of the internet and business and company’s reliance on this as a marketing and sales tool, it is vital that you conduct a regular analysis of these online statistics to determine the effectiveness of your efforts in this area.

For an obligation-free methodology recommendation and quote please call on (08) 9336 7989 or contact us. Quotations will include a recommended methodology for conducting the research in a cost-effective, unbiased and statistically reliable manner. A range of options will be given if appropriate. Even if you choose not to proceed with any research you will have a plan on what your business, company or organisation needs to do to achieve your research goals.