About Us

Perth Market Research is a Perth-based market research business that provides services to a range of organisations across the Government, local government and private sectors. While only recently opened, its staff have been involved in the market research field since 1994, servicing small to large organisations across the public and private sectors.

The services that we provide run the full range of traditional market research activities and include online, telephone, intercept, e-mail (internet) and written surveys; mystery shopping; conduct of focus groups; new and existing service and product evaluation and others. Recently we have adopted a greater focus on web-based or online surveying to ensure that the benefits of up-to-date technology can help to make the surveying process more effective for clients. At the same time it is important to ensure that survey rigour is upheld and that bias and poor reliability is not introduced to surveys.

We retain a number of field staff (telephone and face-to-face interviewers) trained in the interviewing process and adhere to quality guidelines to ensure the integrity of the data being gathered.